Construction Administration

Once your designs have been finalized, it is time to begin the bidding process.  No matter how well drafted a project, an incomplete or inaccurate bid can mean disaster for your end result.  That’s why Fabre Engineering & Surveying provides comprehensive bidding services to our clients to ensure that bids are advertised, potential bidders are vetted, and contracts are awarded to qualified recipients. We can act as a liaison for your company, research your potential bidders, and recommend award recipients. You can trust that our extensive experience in project management and our seasoned engineers will guide you to the best possible contractors for the job.

Our full range of construction administration services are meant to ensure that your designs and specifications are adhered to every step of the way. Construction administration can be a time-consuming task and take your attention away from more impactful business matters. From review of contractor submittals and payment requests to monitoring project construction, our seasoned administrators will keep a watchful eye on your project’s progress. We’ll provide you with regular updates on request so that you can rest assured that your construction is underway and in the right hands. Plus, at the end of the job we certify that the project was completed in accordance with permitted plans and specifications.

Our construction administration services can include:

  • Monitoring project construction to ensure compliance with engineering designs
  • Reviewing proposed construction materials for adherence to contract documents
  • Overseeing construction to anticipate problems that may delay project completion or compromise the structure or system.
  • Reviewing and approving payment requests from contractors
  • Providing project record drawings when requested