Projects Details

Lipscomb Elementary School Cafeteria Expansion
Pensacola, Florida

This project involved a 3,200 SF addition to the Lipscomb Elementary School’s cafeteria/auditorium. This expansion was proposed to reduce the number of lunchroom serving times per day.  The existing school bus drop-off and stormwater management system were impacted during construction. Bus traffic was rerouted and the stormwater pond was updated with a sand chimney system.  The project also included associated concrete walkways (both covered and uncovered) to connect the new drive and expanded cafeteria/auditorium to the existing school.

Fabre Engineering & Surveying initially provided a survey of the project area and assisted with a feasibility study to provided options for the expansion to the District.  Once an option was selected, Fabre Engineering & Surveying provided a detailed site design, and prepared bid documents for the project.  Fabre Engineering & Surveying also assisted with the bidding process and provided as needed contract administration and construction monitoring services as well as final permit certification.