Projects Details

Gulf Power Training Facility/Emergency Operations Center
Pensacola, Florida

Fabre Engineering & Surveying was responsible for the civil design and site permitting of a 30,000 square foot, Training Facility and Emergency Operations Center on Pine Forest Road in Pensacola.  The design effort included site utility design for water, sewer and fire protection, site geometry, signage and layout, and site grading on a 10 acre parcel.  The project provides 112 parking spaces as well as a 3,500 square foot reinforced turf grass overflow parking area, five stormwater ponds, and a right-turn lane into the site from Pine Forest Road.  Fabre Engineering & Surveying provided site permitting with Escambia County (Development Order and Building Permit assistance), Florida Department of Transportation (Driveway and Drainage Connection), Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (Single Service Connection and Wellhead Protection), and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (ERP Stormwater).  The site design and permitting was complicated by the fact that there is a 20 year travel time wellhead protection zone bisecting the site, a 45 foot gas easement containing two high pressure gas transmission lines located at the front of the site, a 100 foot overhead power transmission line located at the rear of the site, and numerous protected trees.  Fabre Engineering & Surveying designed and permitted the site within these tight constraints to the satisfaction of the easement owners and the permitting agencies as well as the owner.  The project was awarded LEED Silver by the U. S. Green Building Council.