Projects Details

Destin Yacht Club Marina
Destin, Florida

This project, located in Okaloosa County at Destin Harbor in Destin, Florida, involved construction of a mid-rise condominium and an attractive, first-class marina.  Fabre Engineering & Surveying completed the planning, design, permitting, and construction administration for the fifty-two boat slip, private marina with the following scope of work:

  • 1) Removal of the entire existing marina structures including piers, pilings, covered slips, bait house, bulkhead, etc.  Relocation of the bait house and restroom facilities to an upland site in conjunction with the condominium structure and construction of an attractive, organized marina structure.

          2) Removal of all fish cleaning stations and new design at a designated uplands location. 

          3) Installation of diesel and gasoline fueling facilities.

          4) Installation of a new sewage pump-out facility located near the fuel docks and under
              the control of a dock master.

          5) Institution of an oil abatement plan in accordance with approved Coast Guard
              guidelines.  This plan and the necessary equipment were under the control of the
              dock master as well.

          6) Development of lease agreements, use guidelines, and dock master responsibilities
              to insure the marina is operated in accordance with all governmental guidelines.

          7) Institution of a water quality-monitoring program, beginning with a background study.