Projects Details

Vista Del Mar
Pensacola, Florida

After Hurricane Ivan devastated the Gulf Coast an existing high rise was viewed structurally unsound and was bull dozed to the ground.  In 2007, Fabre Engineering & Surveying teamed up with Forrest Daniel Architects to design a new high rise to take its place. Due to the economic collapse of 2008 the project was put on hold.  In 2014 the project became active again and included a 9-story 329,000 SF condominium with associated parking and stormwater facilities.

The stormwater on the project was designed to be treated completely underground using an ADS stormtech system to prevent pond construction on such a valuable real estate. Concrete driveways were designed to access the elevated parking deck at the site.

Special care and consideration in the design had to take place to protect and provide the Endangered Perdido Beach Mouse with a suitable habitat. This project is one of the first of its kind that addresses this environmental concern and has set benchmark for future developments in the area.

Fabre Engineering & Surveying provided surveying, stormwater design, site grading, utility design, and permitting for the project.  The project was completed in 2017.