Projects Details

Fairpoint Regional Utility System Inc., New Regional Water Supply, Treatment and Transmission System
Santa Rosa County, Florida

In response to growing water demands and limited coastal aquifer supply, the City of Gulf Breeze joined with Holley-Navarre Water System and Midway Water System to form a regional water supply entity.

  • * Project consisted of developing water supply wells east of Milton, Florida, piping water south along the State Route 87 corridor, across the Yellow River and Eglin AFB, and interconnecting with the existing utility systems.
  • * Project was designed to provide a 20+ year water supply for residents and businesses within a 53-mile service area.  The design anticipated an inland well field consisting of seven (7) wells, capable of pumping from the sand and gravel aquifer. 

Phase I of the project included five production wells with approximately 16 miles of 24-inch water transmission main, seven (7) miles of 18-inch water transmission, a new 300,000 gallon elevated storage tank, and a booster pump station. 

Fabre Engineering & Surveying services included: Master Planning, Preliminary Engineering Report, Groundwater Modeling; Surveying; Design of Wells and Controls, Well Houses, Well and Main Transmission Mains, and Elevated Water Storage; Permitting; Funding through the State Revolving Fund and the Environmental Protection Agency; Construction Administration; and Start-up.  Construction cost:  $19 million.