Projects Details

Pace Water System, Inc. Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade - 2.0 MGD
Pace, Florida

The treatment plant expansion consisted of the addition of a new Carrousel oxidation ditch, an anaerobic selector for biological phosphorus removal, chemical addition facilities, a 1.0 MGD clarifier, a 1.0 MGD filter, expansion of existing chlorine contact chamber, and a new 1.0 MGD digester.  The expansion also makes provisions for upgrade to AWT by providing for the future construction of second stage anoxic and reaeration basins.  Plant hydraulic design and the location of piping and structures will facilitate upgrade to AWT should that become necessary or desirable.

Fabre Engineering & Surveying services included: Planning, Design, Preparation of Construction Plans & Specifications, Permitting, Construction Monitoring, and Contract Administration.  Construction cost was approximately $2.2 million.