Projects Details

Palafox Street Extension Improvements
Pensacola, Florida

Fabre Engineering & Surveying designed the building exterior surroundings for the new Palafox Pier buildings at the waterfront including sidewalks and roadways.  The roadway improvements included a complete re-design of the roadway system around the buildings to include parallel parking at the building fronts and residential access roadway to the rear of the buildings.  Fabre Engineering & Surveying also assisted The City of Pensacola and the Community Redevelopment Agency in selecting an alternative stormwater treatment system for drainage area around the project.  Although not required by FDEP requirements, the treatment system was added to provide treatment for the drainage to the bay where none was previously provided.  Once the system was selected, Fabre Engineering & Surveying designed the improvements required.  Total improvements included pavement, drainage, curbing, brick pavers, lighting, grading, parking, landscaping, and irrigation.