Projects Details

Villa Venyce Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
Santa Rosa County, Florida

Fabre Engineering & Surveying was selected by Santa Rosa County to provide Engineering and Surveying services for 4 stormwater projects that were located in a 200+ acre drainage basin in the Villa Venyce area.  This project was funded through the HMGP and consisted of an initial environmental study of the area to access the flooding and erosion issues and to evaluate the existing stormwater structures.  A report was prepared and submitted with or findings.

Once the environmental assessment was complete a plan was put in place to elevate the drainage problems with the use of concrete and grass swales as well as upgrading and replacing the existing reinforce concrete pipes.  Drainage easements were acquired prior to the design of these systems. 

Services provided to the County included Surveying, Environmental Assessment, Design, and Construction Plans, Cost Estimates, Permitting, Bid Documents, Periodic Construction Monitoring, and Certification of Completion.  Construction Cost:  $397,000.00