Projects Details

Pensacola State College - Midway Campus
Gulf Breeze, Florida

Fabre Engineering & Surveying completed the surveying and design to construct a new 55,000 square foot building for the new Midway Campus to include administrative offices and classrooms.  The building site is environmentally sensitive and had to meet the requirements of a LEED Silver rating.  Survey work included a boundary survey of the 11 acre site, as well as topographic, wetland and tree surveys of the 7 acre first phase.  The project included extensive sitework including a new two-lane access road through the site, right and left turn lanes along Highway 98, a left turn lane along Nantahala Road, three stormwater ponds – two of which were wet retention ponds, an irrigation pond, and parking for 292 vehicles including LEED spaces, Handicap and motorcycle parking.  Engineering services scope of work included design, surveying, construction document preparation, permitting, contract administration and construction monitoring.  The project was permitted through the Florida Department of Transportation for driveway and utility permitting, with Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) for stormwater and wetland impact permitting, the Army Corp of Engineers for wetland impacts, Santa Rosa County for the improvements along Nantahala Road, and with the local utilities (Midway Water System and South Santa Rosa Utility System) and FDEP for utility connection permitting. Estimated Construction: $9,200,000.00