Projects Details

Wilde Lake Drainage Storm Damage
Pensacola, Florida

During the April 2014 Deluge, Wilde Lake Boulevard was overtopped by floodwaters resulting in erosion that removed much of the embankment, part of the roadway, and damaged the box culvert and the adjacent concrete lined waterways.  Emergency repairs were completed to re-open the road for traffic.

Fabre Engineering & Surveying was tasked with preparing a report to evaluate the alternatives for repairing the roadway as it existed or upgrading the structures to meet or exceed County standards.  Fabre Engineering & Surveying prepared a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the drainage basin and evaluated alternatives for repairing the roadway by adding additional box culvert sections and replacing the box culverts with a concrete arch structure.  Flow capacities for both alternatives were evaluated for 25-year, 24-hour and 100-year, 24-hour storms.  The concrete arch bridge with ADA compliant sidewalks was selected, plans and specifications completed and the project constructed.

Fabre Engineering & Surveying also performed a 750 foot linear topographic survey that met the Florida Minimum Technical Standards.  Topographic data was taken within the right-of-way and extended 5 feet to ensure complete DTM coverage of the affected wash-out area.  Road rights-of-way and parcel lines depicted on the survey were based on field located property corners.  Horizontal control was based on Florida State Plane Coordinates, NAD 83/90, and North Florida Zone.  Boundary surveys were also done for two easements that were needed to provide additional work area for the project.

Construction Cost:  $995,735.00