Projects Details

City Of Fort Walton Beach - Water Treatment / Reuse

Fabre Engineering & Surveying completed design of three major projects for the City:  The Golf Course Water Treatment Plant and Elevated Storage Tank, The Water Transmission System and System Storage Improvements and The City of Fort Walton Beach Reuse Project. 


The Golf Course Water Treatment Plant and Elevated Storage Tank Project consisted of an ozonation and booster pumping facility capable of treating and pumping 4,000 gallons per minute.  This project was the result of the “Golf Course Water Treatment Plant Preliminary Engineering Study” authorized by the City to study various forms of treatment to combat a ‘black’ water problem.


Various forms of treatment including cascade aeration, forced draft aeration, ozonation, and chlorination were studied to determine the most effective course of treatment.  The project also included a new 1.0 million gallon pedesphereoid type elevated storage tank.  The elevated tank and booster station design were based on a computer model of the water system and its operation.  Construction Cost: $2.3 million.


During the course of modeling for the design of the treatment project, it was discovered that there were significant operational restraints on the City’s ability to move water from the north part of the system to the City center at Highway 98.  As a result, the City authorized the design and construction of “Golf Course/Downtown Transmission Line Improvements and Downtown Elevated Storage Tank Improvements” as recommended in the Engineering Report.  This study analyzed various routes for transmission system upgrades to allow the City to move water produced in the north part of the City to the City center.


The study also analyzed the possible alternatives for combining all three distinct pressure zones into a single system and for the best location for a new elevated storage tank to replace three, aged tanks at differing hydraulic grade lines.  Construction Cost:  $3.0 million.


The third project involved the design of a reuse line from the Hurlburt Air Force Base wastewater treatment plant to the City of Fort Walton Beach.  This project was a joint effort between Hurlburt Air Force Base and the City made possible by a Defense Infrastructure Grant obtained by the City.  Construction Cost: $1.0 million.


Fabre Engineering & Surveying provided all engineering study, design, and surveying work for all three projects and was responsible for complete system analysis, computer modeling, report preparation, and preparation of construction plans and contract documents, and Construction Administration