Projects Details

Pensacola Downtown Library Addition and Renovation, Pensacola, Florida

Fabre Engineering & Surveying was responsible for the civil design and permitting.  Scope of work included preliminary engineering, utility coordination, demolition, grading, drainage and geometry plans for the retrofit of the existing library site to accommodate a new library. 


The library building doubled in size and the project included the demolition of an abandoned fire station to accommodate the site plan.  The site challenges included retrofitting a site in a downtown environment with existing streets and utilities surrounding a property with substantial topography.  Stormwater management was provided by underground retention. 


The Pensacola Downtown Library project is a 25,000 square foot addition and complete renovation to the existing 26,000 square foot library. The new Library is a prominent Pensacola landmark that reflects the historical buildings of downtown Pensacola as well as providing a state of the art community facility.


The library was designed in strict accordance with current accessibility codes and the Florida Building Code. New ADA compliant spaces include, but were not limited to, public restrooms, presentation stage, stairs, plumbing fixtures, service counters, sidewalks and parking.  The design approach was to preserve the existing structure of the existing building to reduce costs and to provide as much new construction square footage as the budget would allow. Costs were monitored throughout each design phase. The project also incorporated sustainable design and construction practices into the project such as construction waste recycling, filtered ductwork during construction, and low VOC finishes. The library achieved LEED Silver Certification.  The cost for the addition and renovation was $6,200,000.00.