Projects Details

Ogden/Hartung Drainage Improvements

Fabre Engineering & Surveying provided Civil Engineering services for the study and evaluation as well as detailed design of improvements of existing stormwater treatment/attenuation and conveyance systems in the Ogden/Hartung area.  The scope of services for the project included right-of-way verification, the development of cost estimates, permitting, schematic and final design, and bidding.  Fabre Engineering also provided construction observation, contract administration, and project certification during the project construction phase.  Construction Cost: $402,500.00.

A portion of the scope for the Ogden-Hartung Drainage Improvements project included locating underground utilities in the project area by using “soft-dig” equipment.   There were approximately 25 locates for this project which helped determine the exact size, location and elevation of existing utilities.  The existing utilities located for this project were underground water lines, gas lines and stormwater structures.