Projects Details

Escambia County, City of Pensacola and City of Gulf Breeze ADA Bus Stop Study

Fabre Engineering & Surveying was tasked with evaluating 325 bench and shelter bus stops and 751 signed bus stops throughout Escambia County, the Town of Century, and the City of Gulf Breeze.  This project was broken down into two phases.  Each phase had two tasks.  Phase I included Escambia County, the Town of Century, and Pensacola Beach.  Task 1 included 189 bench and shelter stops. Task 2 included 521 signed stops.


Phase II of this project consisted of the City of Pensacola and the City of Gulf Breeze bus stops. Task 1 included 136 bench and shelter stops and Task 2 included 230 signed stops.


All stops were evaluated to see if they met the standards of the Department of Justice, “Standards for Accessible Design,” “Access Boards ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities” (ADAAG), “FDOT Plans Preparation Manual, Volume 1,” “Florida Building Code,” and “Accessing Transit: Design Handbook for Florida Bus Passenger Facilities.”


The estimated construction cost to bring all 1,442 bus stops into compliance with ADA accessibility standards was $1,861,000.