Projects Details

Global Learning Academy

Fabre Engineering & Surveying provided surveying and engineering services for the New Downtown Elementary School (Global Learning Academy).

The new Downtown Elementary School project consisted of the construction of a new 800 student, LEED certified, multi-story, elementary school in the Downtown Pensacola area. Services provided by Fabre Engineering & Surveying included boundary and topographic surveying, property acquisition surveys, preliminary design, design (geometry, grading, roads, stormwater treatment and collection, utilities), preparation of construction documents, cost estimating, permitting, contract administration, and construction monitoring. This site offered significant civil engineering challenges for which Fabre Engineering & Surveying provided engineering solutions. The project required the vacation of multiple existing roads and the design for the relocation of water, sewer and stormwater utilities. The relocation efforts included re-routing a 48” Florida Department of Transportation stormwater system. In addition to utility relocation design the proposed construction also required a separate stormwater collection system to by-pass several hundred acres offsite that drained to the project. This required the design of a 24”, 36” and 48” stormwater system consisting of multiple inlets. Facility name: Global Learning Academy.  Estimated Construction Cost: $1,500,000.00